Over the past six to nine months I’ve been working on a book - Mastering Vim. Mastering Vim is a passion project which is meant to take the reader (you) from zero to a hero (future you): from knowing nothing about Vim, to becoming a power user. I cover many of Vim’s mysterious commands, philosophy behind the beloved editor, configuration tips, a plethora of community created plugins, as well as creating your own plugins.

A picture of a "Mastering Vim" cover.

Mastering Vim was written with support from Packt Publishing and was kindly reviewed by Bram Moolenaar (website) - the creator of Vim. Many people made this book possible, including VimConf Japan crew, who kindly hosted me earlier this year. Thank you to everyone for making Mastering Vim happen!

Give it a read and let me know what you think, Mastering Vim is available on Amazon!

P.S: This post, like many others, is written in Vim.