I wrote a little script to download gists from the command prompt.

Generate your Github API Token under Settings -> Applications, change it within a script, and then:

chmod +x shgist.py
mv shgist.py ~/bin/shgist

Where ~/bin is a directory in your path. Now you can use it as shgist file to quickly download your gists (Gist on Github).

#!/usr/bin/env python

# Ruslan Osipov <ruslan@rosipov.com>
# Usage: shgist keywords
# Description: Gists downloader

import urllib
import urllib2
import sys
import json

token = 'Personal API Access Token'  # Github Settings -> Applications

class Gist:
    def __init__(self, token):
        token -- str, github token
        self.token = token
        self.url = 'https://api.github.com'

    def find_by_name(self, keywords):
        keywords -- list of strings
        gists, urls = self._get_gists()
        for i, gist in enumerate(gists):
            for keyword in keywords:
                if keyword not in gist:
                    del gists[i]
                    del urls[i]
        if len(gists) == 0:
            print "Sorry, no gists matching your description"
        if len(gists) == 1:
            self._download_gist(gists[0], urls[0])
        for i, gist in enumerate(gists):
            print i, gist
        while True:
            num = raw_input("Gist number, 'q' to quit: ")
            if num == 'q':
                print "Quiting..."
                num = int(num)
                if 0 <= num < len(gists):
                print "Number should be within specified range"
                print "Only integers or 'q' are allowed"
        self._download_gist(gists[num], urls[num])

    def _download_gist(self, name, url):
        name -- str, filename
        url -- str, raw gist url
        print "Downloading %s..." % name
        gist = self._send_get_request(url)
        open(name, 'wb').write(gist)

    def _get_gists(self):
        Returns 2 lists which should be treated as ordered dict
        url = '/gists'
        response = self._send_get_request(self.url + url)
        response = json.loads(response)
        gists, urls = [], []
        for gist in response:
            for name, meta in gist['files'].items():
        return gists, urls

    def _send_get_request(self, url):
        url -- str
        headers = {
                'Authorization': 'token ' + self.token
        request = urllib2.Request(url, headers=headers)
        response = urllib2.urlopen(request)
        return response.read()

argv = sys.argv[1:]
if not len(argv):
    print "Usage: shgist keywords"

gist = Gist(token)