A reminder on how to initialize a fresh gitolite repository, assuming that gitolite has already been set up.

All actions are performed on a local machine. In this case: ~/gitolite-admin is admin repository, ~/foo is desired repository, rosipov.com is gitolite hostname. Command vi stands for the text editor, but you may use whichever editor you prefer.

cd ~/gitolite-admin
vi conf/gitolite.conf

Add lines (obviously you may want to use individual users instead of @all):

repo foo
    RW+ = @all

Save it. Next:

git add conf/gitolite.conf
git commit -m "Add foo repo for @all"
git pull --rebase && git push
mkdir ~/foo
cd ~/foo
git init
git remote add origin git@rosipov.com:foo.git

Add some files at this point. In this example, only .gitkeep is added.

git add .gitkeep
git commit -m "Initialize repo"
git push origin master

The new repository is all set up now.